Baptisms, Marriages, Confirmation, Funerals


joshua_parkerIt is a great joy to hear of plans for a baptism/christening, different ways of saying the same thing: membership of the Church of God across the world, throughout the ages.

We encourage baptisms at the main Sunday morning service, on the fourth Sunday of the month at St Peter’s or when there is a morning service at one of the other four churches in the Fosse Group. This is so that the congregation may welcome and witness the receiving of the newly baptised into Christ’s Church and pledge their support as well as recall their own profession made to God in their baptism. Sometimes to have a baptism at one of these sunday services can present particular practical difficulties, and in that case another time can be considered.

baptismsTo be baptised a child would normally have at least three godparents: two of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex. Parents may be godparents for their own children, providing there is at least one other godparent. A godparent should normally be baptised and confirmed, although the minister has discretion to dispense with the requirement for confirmation.

We arrange a meeting with (parents and) the candidate for baptism before the baptism itself to talk about this very important event in the candidate’s journey of faith; to discuss and clarify the role of parents and godparents (if appropriate); and to go over any practical matters relating to the forthcoming service of baptism. Usually there is also a short rehearsal in church.
Please do contact Fr Oliver if you would like to make arrangements for a baptism.




It is a great joy to learn that a couple has decided to marry. The Church of England Marriage Measure of 2008 has made it possible for more people to get married now in the church of their choice and we are always delighted when it is possible to hold a wedding in any of the churches of The Fosse Group.

After an initial enquiry, a couple will normally be invited to attend three preparation sessions to explore the Christian meaning of marriage and to discuss practical arrangements for the marriage service.

wedding_pic2There is a rehearsal usually a couple of days before the day of the wedding.

Please do contact Fr Oliver if you would like to make initial enquiries about the possibility of marrying in one of the churches of The Fosse Group.




Please do let me know if you’d like to find out more about our Faith and explore the possibility of being confirmed.
A series of six confirmation classes for children will be held at St Peter’s School during the summer term. Do get in touch for further details.


Confirmation candidates with Bishop Richard Inwood at St Mary’s Lowdham, 6th April 2014

Funerals and Interment of Ashes
For those whose ashes are interred in our Garden of Remembrance at St Mary’s and at St Peter’s we have a Book of Remembrance in church; we invite friends and relations to take their flowers in memory of a departed loved to the Garden of Remembrance.

Please do contact Fr Oliver if you would like to make arrangements for a funeral or the interment of ashes of a loved one.