Plough Sunday

To celebrate the rural and farming heritage of our villages, and to ask God’s blessing on our farming community, Plough Sunday will be celebrated at two churches in the Fosse Group.

  • St Wilfrid’s church Screveton on 5th January at 11am
  • St Peter’s church East Bridgford on 12th January at 6.30pm

All are welcome as we bless the plough and soil, seed and churn.

The origins of Plough Sunday go back a long way, at least into medieval times. On the first Sunday after Epiphany, the parish ploughs, bedecked with ribbons, would be dragged to church to be blessed, as the ploughing season began. On Plough Monday the teams would drag the ploughs round the village, seeking contributions for an ‘Ale’ or night of revelling at the tavern – and woe betide the cottage garden or vegetable plot of any householder who failed to stump up! Plough Tuesday would be spent, more often than not, in recovering. And then the work would begin in earnest.