East Bridgford PCC

East Bridgford PCC currently has 17 members.

PCC Member Status Term ends
Colin Anderson Elected 2021
Lynne Black Deanery Synod 2020
Michael Clarke Reader 2019
Beryl Cottrill Elected 2021
Heather Fielding Churchwarden 2019
Mark Fielding Churchwarden 2019
Peter Golightly Co-opted 2019
Christopher Henwood Elected 2019
Elizabeth Johnson Elected 2019
David Johnson Elected 2019
Bob Large Elected 2020
Robert Lee Elected 2021
Hilary Linnington Deanery Synod 2021
Pam Shaw Elected 2020
Robert Taylor Co=opted 2019
Amanda Waring Elected 2020
Incumbent (vacant) Ex officio
Bill Case Attending (Treasurer)

The approved minutes of the last 12 months PCC meetings are available to inspect in church and are posted below:


The Annual Parish Meeting (APM) and Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) are normally held in April. The minutes, reports and accounts presented at the last 4 annual meetings are posted below:

APCM 2016    APCM 2017    APCM 2018

APCM 2019